Monday, August 13, 2007

Marathon Drawing

The good folks at Runners World magazine have given me several great assignments recently, but this drawing may be the most complicated assignment I’ve ever tried to pull off!

For their magazine opener, Design Director Kory Kennedy and his editors envisioned a Where's Waldo-type dissection of a marathon race day. They had 40 specific scenarios for me to draw in the spread, everything from porta-potty etiquette to photo-finishes. After a few style explorations, we decided to go with a clear, almost European comic style (I even threw a grown-up Tin Tin into the race for fun)

Saturday, August 11, 2007


August 1st was a horrible day here in Minneapolis. The 35 W bridge was a main artery through town, driven by everyone. It's collapse was a shocking reminder of how fragile even the most massive structure can be. Sadly, news of the victims continues to emerge. As well, stories of the survivors and rescue workers make me proud to live in such a great city.

I attempted to put my feelings about that day into a graphic narrative.

* this has become a work in progress with color added 11/07, maybe a finished version will see the light of day sometime.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Good... Times

Aviva Michelov is someone I'd enjoyed working with when she’d freelance art direct at the Times. I was happy to hear she'd been given the Week in Review post permanently. These are a few drawings and Timeline illustrations I have done with her.

More Good... Times

A few more for Brian Rea and the Op Ed page: Mr. Oh (below) is the all-time greatest home run hitter in professional baseball, with or without steroids. He just happened to play in Japan, so he's not a household name stateside.

(Above) a mood peice about Antiqua for the Times's Summer Scapes series.