Monday, September 17, 2007

Soft Targets

Daniel Kiss (a great rockstar name), from the Chicago band Soft Targets, contacted me about doing a poster. He liked the Thempire comic I did for Nozone X. It's been a while since I've had any art silkscreened and I thought it would be fun. Plus their band name suggested lots of possibilities (this one selected from several concepts). The poster should be printing right now, and if your in Chicago next month-- check out their show. No Cover!

Emmy in a Box

When he is not design director of, Khoi Vinh, runs a great design-related web site called He's also launched which features a short, weekly, 200 word essay on design/culture paired with an illustration or photo. He was kind enough to ask me to contribute to a story about SNL's Dick in a Box video winning it's well deserved Emmy.

On the Road– again

Getting the cover assignment for this week’s NYTimes Book Review was thrilling, especially since it’s subjects are Jack Kerouac and the 50th anniversary of ”On the Road.” I'd seen JK's original scrolled manuscript in a Beat artist exhibit - It helped inform the drawn type on the cover. We kept this one simple, although for added drama, we knocked the masthead out of his shock of black hair. The second illustration is from a related interior article about Kerouac’s continued relevance.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Unlocking the Code

This was for a great story in Business Week about DNA tests exonerating innocent convicts. It casts a pretty amazing and hopeful light on the modern world.