Saturday, April 5, 2008

Loose Teeth

Congratulations to Toby Barlow and the release of his fantastic poem/novel Sharp Teeth. It is an ambitiously unusual book about werewolf packs at war in urban LA, and how they intersect with human civilization.

I had the chance to hear Toby read and speak about his book tonight - he was hilarious and enlightening, having put much thought and research into it. Coincidentally, his partner, graphic designer Keira Alexandra, is an old friend of mine from college.

Even more coincidentally, I was asked to sketch cover ideas for Sharp Teeth by the awesome Paul Sahre, who was designing the book a year or so ago (My drawing above). The book switched publishers in the process, and (unfortunately for me) they used great existing art from it's UK edition. The final book can be seen, and bought with high recommendation, here.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sharp Teeth Updated and Animated

This animation evolved out of the aborted book cover illustration for Sharp Teeth. Toby Barlow, the author, and I discussed an idea I had for the novel - to put a flip book of a beautiful woman transforming into a wolf in the corner of the book.

Toby thought it would be a great concept for an promo which may appear soon. This is an animation test of the idea, tying in the title illustration. Check out the Sharp Teeth web site which contains several amazing finished animations.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Written by Brian Frazer, The Krazy Korner Fun Page is a very funny idea brought to me by LA Magazine (for their back page Hollywoodland feature). It includes all sorts of puzzles, mazes and activities that satirize headline-grabbing celebrities. A.D. Joe Kimberling let me throw in the portrait of K-Fed and a Range Rover full of kids, for kicks.