Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Kirby Machine / Story Motel zine exhibit

I am showing in a gallery exhibition at the Owl & Lion gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland, May 14 - June 12.

The show is titled Story Motel, and 50 artist from around the world were asked to create a "zine" in an edition of 25 copies of their zine to sell, produced just for the exhibition.

My piece is titled The Kirby Machine, and is a 2-sided fold-out poster, screen printed in an intentionally streaky punk style. And as a "fanzine" should be, its a throwback to my high school obsessions; Jack Kirby, comic books, cosmic technology and Zipatone shading film.

The artwork is screen printed on both sides with a random split-fountain technique. I had 2 editions printed; the folded text weight booklet version for sale at the show and a flat, heavyweight paper poster version (available for sale
on my web site

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