Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Standard Exposure

The High Line park opened earlier this year in NYC, and I've been lucky enough to visit it a few times, once in summer and more recently on a blustery, rainy November morning. A close friend of mine worked on it's landscape architecture, so it has been amazing to follow the park's historic development through his inside stories, as well as through the press. As a big fan of Modernist architecture, I've also been taken by the Standard Hotel, which was built as a landmark to tower over the southern end of the raised parkway.

A strange thing started happening though, the High Line news stories began to reference complaints made by neighbors regarding the goings-ons behind the highly visible, floor-to ceiling, picture windows of the Standard. Many guests seemed to be parading around nude, as if on stage. My friend confirmed the stories, and said the Standard is rumored to be encouraging the notoriety for their marketing.

On that blustery November morning, my (probably too) unfiltered imagination thought there might be a funny drawing in it-- of contrast between the quiet wintery park landscape below, a lively nudist colony above.

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